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We are a Juice Bar and Boba Tea Lounge that serves from our retail store and mobile food truck. How can we help you?

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"I love coming to your World Juice Bar after work!" - RF


"The staff is always friendly and helpful. I love the milk boba tea. It’s my favorite and look forward to getting one on the weekend."


"I got $1 off and I already love this place. Yay! Friendly staff and extra pearl and fast service."


Taste the Flavors of the World

World Juice Bar is a great retail and food truck business built upon a strong reputation in the festival and catering arena. We serve delicious drinks and café style foods. We create healthy alternatives with our recipe that any age can enjoy. We pride ourselves in giving you the best of us. We are here to serve you, and serve you well. Quality is our standard, freshness and great taste is our hallmark. Look around World, the Juice Bar is open!

Our gourmet drinks include smoothies, boba teas (bubble tea), international coffees and tea with other seasonal drinks such as ciders. Custom favorites include our fresh fruit smoothies that can be customized to your diet and taste. 

Stop by and try them all while you shop at our new H-Mart location in Westminster, Colorado.


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Retail Store

Located inside the Westminster Hmart
5036 W. 92nd Ave.
Westminster Colorado 80031

Check our Facebook Page for more information.

Mobile Juice Bar and Catering

The World Juice Bar travels to wherever you are.  As a mobile unit company, we are available to setup and serve at any location. If you are out and about, catch us at outdoor events around metro Denver, Colorado! We can also setup at any indoor or outdoor party and bring our mobile bar to serve your guests.
Public Festivals, Fairs, and Farmer's Markets
Corporate Lunches, Meetings, Workshops, and Employee Events
Wedding, Receptions, and Bridal Showers
Catered and Food Truck Events
Parties, Celebrations, and Family Gatherings

A Morning Smoothie To Help You Stop Constipation

Chronic constipation can be hard to stop or elimination, since the colon have become weak. In most cases it will have to be retrained on how to have a bowel movement.

For those of you that have mild constipation, here is a morning smoothie that will help activate your colon. This smoothie is packed with nutrients that your body will use to regenerate your colon and body. I have been making this smoothie for a few years. I make enough to drink right away and to put into my thermos to drink around 10am. When I make this drink I just start putting things in the blender without measuring. You can do the same and make adjustments as you go.


  • one peeled banana 
  • 4-5 strawberries or other type of berries, or fruits 
  • one tablespoon of lecithin granules 
  • one – two teaspoons of flax seed oil 
  • half and half almond milk and apple juice 

In a coffee grinder, grind up around a teaspoon or less of the following: 

  • brown sesame seeds – are high in lecithin, vitamin C, E, and Calcium. They improve liver function and help in constipation 
  • sunflower seeds – are high protein, Calcium, and iron. They are one of the best natural foods which feeds the entire body. 
  • flax seeds – are high in fiber and provide bulk for your stools. 
  • almonds – use around 6-7 or more. They are high in Calcium, Phosphorus and have some B-vitamins. Only eat a few. They are high in calories. 


After grinding the seeds, place them in the blender and blender everything for about 3-4 minutes. If you need a little sweetness, you can add a small amount of honey. I find this drink plenty sweet without any honey. Sometimes I will add the powder of a few acidophilus capsules.  If I don’t add the almonds, I just put all the tiny seed into the blender without grinding them up. The blender will break them up.

This is a powerful smoothie to give you morning power and to activate your colon to get moving.

Copied with permission from:

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World Juice Bar

H-Mart at Northview Mall 

5036 W. 92nd Ave.

Westminster, CO 80031


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We are a retail store and food truck that serves frozen and cold beverage drinks at happenings and events. As beverage enthusiasts, the World Juice Bar owners provides its customers with refreshing drinks that are exceptional in flavor and taste.

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